Buyers decide which home to purchase based on comparison. Just as every person has good days and bad days, so do homes. When holding our Open House, it is critical that your home be in its best condition. The following are a few of the most important things you can do to create a positive atmosphere in your home during your Open House.

  • Curb appeal is of the utmost importance! All lawns should be freshly cut and trimmed. Remove any unnecessary items from in front of the house. Most important is to have a “fresh” appearance as the prospective buyers approach the home. This can be accomplished by washing down the sidewalks, turning the soil in bordering flower gardens and watering the lawn just prior to the open house itself.

  • The entry way is critical. The buyer forms an opinion before he ever steps through the front door. The front door should be freshly painted, if needed, and cobwebs should be brushed out of the corners of your entryway. A fresh container of colorful flowers would be a wise investment for the front door area. If snow exists, make certain you have a clear walkway from the parking area to the front door. A coat rack inside may come in handy as well.

  • Allow for the agent to have your air conditioner turned down low during summer months. If you have this feature in your home, you want the prospective buyer to know it the minute he walks in the door. In colder months, a roaring fire will set a wonderful tone in your home. Have adequate firewood available for the afternoon. If you are not going to return home as the agent is closing the open house, then give specific instructions on how to secure the fireplace when the home is vacated.

Obviously, the cleanliness of the home is imperative. The most important rooms in the home are the kitchen and bathrooms. Extra effort in these rooms will go a long way toward a favorable impression.

  1. Check to see that all lights work in your home, including garage and closets. Doors should open and slide freely. A little lubricant can prevent an embarrassing situation in the home later.

  2. Most important is to leave the home during the hours of an open house. All prospective buyers are more comfortable if the seller is not present. If they choose to discuss the details of your home, they may feel awkward if you are in the home.

If you have questions on Open Houses or any part of the home selling process please, Don’t hesitate to Contact Me!


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