Tips For Making Your Home Welcoming Without a Big Expense

  • De-clutter, de-clutter and then de clutter more. Have a yard sale, pack away the things you don’t need and put in a storage unit.

  • Make sure that your front entry says welcome come on in. check the front door and see if it could use a paint job. Keep front porch and walkways clean. Have door handles and door knockers spotless. Put out a new welcome mat. First impressions can sell a house quick. Your curb appeal needs to be spot on.

  • The entry must be welcoming and make room in the hall closet so that the clients can see that their will be room for their winter coats.

  • Windows can sell homes. They must be crystal clear to show a view if that is what you are selling. They also help with odors. Throw the windows open and let fresh air in.

  • Check your home for smells. The old adage if your house smell if will not sell. Track down all odors and eliminate them. Be careful of room sprays and can cause allergies for clients and make them wonder what might be wrong.

  • Lighten Up by making sure all lights work and are on during showings.

  • Make sure that your kitchen counters are clean and clear. Make sure that the cabinets and drawers or organized. Remove all magnets from refrigerator and make sure it shines. Putting some baked cookies on a plate on the counter make the room feel welcoming.

  • Stage and play up outstanding features. Large nice master bath can be staged as a spa spot with lush towels, bath salts, etc. If you have a fireplace set up a cozy, romantic scene with wine glasses. A book nook is a great place to put cozy chair lamp and a small table. Toss a throw over the chair and put a book on the stand.If you have a small area the would make a small home office, stage it as such. If you have a wonderful dining room set the table with china.

If you have questions on Preparing your home for sale or any part of the home selling process please, Don’t hesitate to Contact Me!


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