Wine Storage 101

Updated: Aug 8

Storing your wines at home has become a lot easier. Most wine experts now say that using an inexpensive stand-alone wine cooler is a great way to store your wine.

Remember to store the bottles on their side or upside down to keep corks moist. Bottles must be kept out of direct sunlight and light in general. Wine likes to be in a constant temperature of 51 to 58 degrees. Any rapid change of temperature can destroy a bottle of wine. The humidity affects the wine. The corks will dry out if humidity is below 60%. If the humidity gets above 80 % mildew and mold becomes a problem.Staying between 60% and 80% is a good range.

Wine can take on the odors of the surrounding area that it is stored in. Basements are not a good area if your basement is musty. Laundry rooms, kitchen and pantries are not good areas also. In the laundry room detergents, bleach and other chemicals can affect the taste of the wine. The vibration from the washing machine and dryer can also affect the wine. If you live next to railroad tracks storing wine is not a good idea. The pungent smells in the kitchen or raw garlic in a pantry can also affect the wine.

Transporting your wine from winery or store has its own problems. FYI buying from the winery is always a good idea. They store wine at the perfect temperature. Most suggest that you bring a cooler with ice packs and a towel to bring the wine home if you will be storing over a period of time. The towel will keep the labels dry and bottles safe from impact. Do not put wine in the trunk of your car if it is a hot day. Get your wine home and stored correctly as soon as possible.


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